Kari is a wife and mom to 3 kids and 3 dogs!!  She and I are like kindred spirits when it comes to puppies!! We could talk about them all day! Kari and I met and became friends a few years ago. She really wanted to be a part of our program and help me raise puppies! Kari has been fully trained how to raise puppies the "Ruby's Minidoodles" way and goes above and beyond to make sure each puppy is raised and loved the same way she would want her own dog raised. She is thorough and organized and gives those puppies her everything!! Kari has turned a portion of her home into what I like to call "Puppy land"! She has a designated area for new moms that is calm and quiet for the first few weeks of life with a bed right next to the whelping box where she sleeps and checks on puppies throughout the night. She has a toddler play area where puppies are exposed to different toys and are allowed to run and play more freely. There is also the crate training area where puppies learn to spend time each day in their individual crates and a large Clearly Loved Pets Playpen out in her family room where puppies can get used to common household noises. I believe that every single litter should get our undivided attention and having a partner to help when I need to be away or if multiple moms go into heat at the same time has been such a blessing! Kari truly is amazing!

Effective Dec 2023 Kari is also the new owner of Choice Paws puppies and she and I plan to collaborate and work together as a team raising Choice Paws Cavapoos and Ruby's Minidoodles goldendoodles! @choice_paws on instagram!