2024 Litter pricing. 

All of our puppies are between $4000-4850. Price depends on size, breed, and litter. See our upcoming litters for pricing on specific litters! If  our pricing changes at all we will honor the price listed at the time you placed your deposit! 


We reserve the right to substitute a stud for a litter if needed. I will do my best to use a similar stud to what is advertised on my page, but please understand sometimes studs are not available when you need them and a change is necessary.

When placing a deposit please know there are no guarantees a mom will get pregnant or genders wanted will be born. We will work with you on a solution if this happens  


Due dates listed are guesstimates based on their previous heat cycles!

*Please follow my instagram account to stay informed.  My upcoming litters page has my projected litters planned for 1st half of 2023.