Adoption Process: 

If interested in one of our puppies please fill out our puppy application page and take the time to review our purchase agreement. Once your application is submitted text me so that I know to look for it! (435 313 1779) Once I have reviewed your application I will reach out to coordinate a good time for a phone call so that I can answer any questions you might have! In order to get on the list you will need to send a deposit of $500 to secure your spot on your preferred litter. The order in which deposits are received determines the picking order for puppies. Deposits are nonrefundable and go towards the final purchase price. Please do not place a deposit unless you are fully ready to add a puppy to your family and are committed to caring for them! I have had a problem with people requesting to change their deposit to another litter a few weeks before puppy go home date. This is really hard trying to find new families at the last second! So my policy is - I will allow you to change your preferred litter one time. This change in litter preferrence must be made prior to puppies turning 2 weeks old. After that if you decide you can not take a puppy from the litter you have placed a deposit on, you will forfeit your deposit. 

Puppy selection takes place around 5-6 weeks old. I find this is a good time for new owners to see a puppy's coat characteristics as well as their cute personalities! Families are welcome to come to my home for selection. I ask that only direct family members come as puppy immune systems are still developing and we want to keep our puppies healthy! If you live out of state we will do selection over Facetime. After selection process is finished, I will send you an invoice within a few days and the balance must be paid in full before your puppy leaves my care. (A 7.25% Utah sales tax will be added). All payments must be processed before pick up day! The only form of payment I will accept on pick up day is cash. 

Finally- Puppies go home to their families around 8 weeks old. I will give you the "pick up" date range once puppies are born, so that you can plan accordingly. (See FAQ page if you have more questions on this process or contact me.)


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