multigenerational toy size goldendoodles

Due Date: June 3rd, 2024

Toy size multigenerational goldendoodles with Presley and Watson!! These puppies will be perfection!! 10-14 lb range with red/apricot abstract coloring. Presley is an f1b englishcream goldendoodle from our Tilly lines and Watson is a multigenerational goldendoodle from our Ruby lines!! I can not wait to see this pairing!! Straight and wavy coats, nonshedding and hypoallergenic!! They will be beautiful!! Price $4000 (bred on April 5th)


DEPOSITS received: 

1. P Baltz (small male.) **

2. J Melzer (female) **

3.  L Kayler (either) **

4. S Mitelman (female)

5. A Reyna (female)


Tiny toy mulitgenerational goldendoodles

Due Date: June 20th, 2024

If you have been looking for a goldendoodle in a tiny size this is the litter for you!! Parents are both 9 lbs and have beautiful deep red coats! These puppies will all be red and red abstract in coloring with both straight and wavy coats !ow/nonshedding and hypoallergenic too! They puppies will be stunning and small!! Our tiny moms usually have smaller litters so don't wait and miss out! Price $4500



1. Breeder reserve spot


Toy size multigenerational goldendoodles

Due Date: June 24th, 2024

Toy size multigenerational goldendoodles in the 10-14 lb range! Pepper and Watson are the sweetest! They have amazing temperaments that they will pass on to their puppies! Red and red abstract wavy coats that will be low/non shedding and hypoallergenic! Can;t wait!! This is Pepper's first litter! Price $4000


1. Possible breeder reserve

2. D Del Curto (either)

3. A Rutland (female) 

Petite size multigenerational goldendoodles

Due Date: September 1st, 2024

Multigenerational goldendoodles with Hazel and Watson! Expected to be 12-17 lbs with red and red abstract wavy coats! This is a first time breeding for Hazel! She is as sweet as they come and paired with Watson they will have fantastic temperaments! Price $4000

1. N Gunderson (female)

f1b petite size englishcream goldendoodles

Due Date: October 1st, 2024

More englishcream goldendoodle puppies coming your way!! We added Muffy to our program knowing that we will be retiring Tilly the end of 2024!! Muffy is the same breed as Tilly and also has a beautiful thick soft coat. We plan to breed her with Fitzgerald from our program and expect gorgeous thick soft coats that are hypoallergenic and low/nonshedding! Expected size 15-20 lbs. They will be gorgeous!! Price $4000


1.N Sandig (female)

2. M Truong (male)

f1b englishcream goldendoodles

Due Date: November 1st, 2024

F1b petite size goldendoodles with Tilly and Winston!! 17-22 lb range with creamy thick soft coats!! Tilly has the softest coat of any dog I have ever known! She has a sweet and gentle disposition which the engishcreams are known for. Her past puppies have all had the smoothest transitions and everyone tells me how good her puppies are to train! Smart and easy going. Family friendly and loving!! This is her final litter!! Past puppies below.  Price $4000


1. Breeder reserve

2. M Bautista (either)

3. S Apostol (female)

4. A Reyna (female)