Hello! My name is Becky McDonald. I am a wife, and busy mom of 6 kids. I am also a group fitness instructor and have a bachelors degree in nursing. My number one priority however is my family and I love that I am blessed to be a stay at home mom! As part of our family we also have 2 beautiful dogs - Ruby and Tilly. Both are miniature goldendoodles and are the absolute BEST dogs!!  I have always had a huge love of animals - especially dogs! When I decided I wanted to go into the breeding business I really jumped in and started researching everything I could. I wanted to learn all I could about being a responsible breeder. I learned that there is so much more to breeding than just feeding and caring for puppies! The first 8 weeks are a critical period of time where we can influence the outcome of a puppy's life by what we choose to teach him. By doing just the right thing at the right time - we can give a puppy the best start possible! 

Here at Ruby’s Minidoodles, we put countless hours into properly socializing and working with each and every puppy. We do Early Neurological Stimulation, intentional handling and touch, sound/scent stimulation, problem solving challenges. We introduce them to crate training, potty training, car rides and so much more!  When your puppy comes home to you at 8 weeks old - you will be amazed at how well they adjust to their new environment! Keep working with them on basic commands - sit, stay, come... and introduce them to things that you love to do! Proper socialization is essential to a happy, healthy puppy!

We are committed to breeding quality puppies. We are very particular about our breeding parents, their structures, temperaments, and health. We do thorough genetic testing to avoid any potential problems so that we are doing everything possible to breed healthy puppies. All of our puppies will come to you with a two year health guarantee against anything genetic. (STARTING APRIL 2022 we are extending this guarantee to 3 years!!) 

Most importantly - our puppies are raised in our home with our family. I absolutely love what I do and truly think that each and every puppy is "a priceless little gem".

While reading one day I came upon a passage that perfectly describes my feelings for what I do, why I do it, and how much I love my puppies!  “Every puppy needs to have the heart of their breeder. The first human that loved them and believed in them. The first hands that helped them. The first eyes that watched them take a breath. They are an extension of us, and when we lovingly hand them over to our clients, our journeys are forever intertwined. We trust that the hands we give them to will be the last hands that hold them. That those eyes will be watching over them when they take their last breath. That they will be loved and cherished until it is their time to leave this earth.”   - Jeannette Forrey

I believe in the power of a dog. They can heal our hearts. They bring joy, love and laughter into a home! If you feel like you are ready - please fill out a puppy application and lets embark on this journey together!


 If you have any additional questions please contact me or see our FAQ page!!