When you are placing a deposit please look at the list of upcoming litters and put on your application what litter you are wanting. I will only take 4-5 deposits per litter in advance so we can adjust people to another litter if gender preference isn't available or there are not enough puppies to select from. Please remember that sometimes a litter might have the perfect puppy to be a future parent for us. We reserve the right to keep a puppy back from any litter! 

2024 Jan-June litters:

WINNIE: (bred 1/13. Pregnancy confirmed)

1. T Slocam (either) DODGER

2. J Zerker (female) GEORGETTE

3. T Pan - OLIVER

4. J Crosby - TITO

5. A Conaway - RITA

6. A Conaway- JENNY


PRESLEY: (bred April 4th)

1.P Baltz (small male) **

2. J Melzer (female) **

3. L Kayler (either) **

4. S Mitelman (female) 

5. A Reyna (female)


BAILEY: (bred 4/20)

1. Breeder reserve 




PEPPER:  (bred 4/23)

1. possible breeder reserve

2.  D Del Curto (either)

3. A Rutland (female)




1.N Gunderson (female)



1.N Sandig (female)

2. M Truong (male)



1. Breeder reserve

2. M Bautista (either)

3. S Apostol (either)

4. A Reyna (female) 

5. A Rutland (female) 

A Loh ( either gender)

S Rangasamy (either gender) 1st pick Maple litter 2025

K Crawford (prefers dark red male)